RailSightings FAQ

Q: Can sightings from around the world be submitted?

A: At this time, only North America is supported: (USA, Canada, Mexico). Eventually, we hope to add support for other regions. In a region that is not supported, but would love RailSightings to come your way? Please get in touch with us and let us know.

Q: What languages does RailSightings support?

A: English is the only language option currently available. Users who are not fluent in English are welcome to try navigating the site with the assistance of Google Translate.

Q: Can old sightings be submitted?

A: Yes! Old, or what we like to call "legacy" sightings, are supported up to about 15 years back.

Q: Any pop-up ads?

A: No! We are making every effort to avoid any pop-up advertisements. But we still need to cover some significant development and maintenance costs. To help us with these, we hope those of you who are moved to do so become a patron!

Q: Can I share my pictures with my sightings?

A: At this time, we do not plan to offer image hosting space with sighting submissions. However, we are looking into ways of linking photographs and videos on other sites (rrpicturearchives, railpictures, Flickr, YouTube, etc) to individual sightings.

Q: Will there be a smart phone app?

A: Currently, we do not have plans to create a smart phone application. The website has been specifically designed to work on a mobile browser while you're out "in the field." Of course, this means that a data connection is required to use the site, but we will consider solutions to this in the future, including a smart phone app. Right now, our main goal is getting the website 100% operational.